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My Computer Data

for iPhone / iPod / iPad

Use your mobile device to access data on your PC / Mac.

Install / Setup

Can I use My Computer Data with a Mac?
Yes, My Connector supports Mac OSX 10.5 and 10.6.

Which settings should I use when I use a virtual machine like Parallels or VirtualBox?
Network settings:
Select "Bridged Networking" (Parallels) or "Bridged adapter" (VirtualBox)

Why does my firewall software display a warning when I start My Connector?
My Computer Data on the iOS device needs to communicate with My Connector on the PC/Mac. Most firewalls will display a warning for this type of communication. We suggest to permanently allow access to or unblock My Connector within the firewall software.

I don't have administrator priviliges for my PC. Will I be able to install My Connector?
The installer for My Connector does not require administrator privileges, but you might need administrator priviliges for adjusting your firewall settings.


Why can't My Computer Data find my PC/Mac?
Please check the following:

  • My Connector is running on the PC/Mac. If MyPoint Connector is not running it can be lauched via Programs -> Didonai -> My Connector
  • ZeroConfig (Apple Bonjour) is installed. If not installed, a link to the Bonjour installer can be found here.
  • Your iOS device is connected via WiFi to the same network as your PC/Mac

Why is my computer not displayed on my iPhone / iPad after I entered the IP address and tapped the "take" button?
There is a minor glitch in the display of available computers. Please quit and relaunch the My Computer Data app and the computer will be displayed on the main screen from now on.

Can I use the USB cable to connect my iOS device to my PC/Mac to access computer data instead of using WiFi?
No, the current version of My Computer Data only supports WiFi. If you can't connect your iOS device and PC/Mac to an existing WiFi network you could also setup a WiFi Ad-Hoc network on your PC/Mac.

Do I need to install Bonjour?
With Bonjour My Computer Data can automatically detect your PC/Mac. My Computer Data works without using Bonjour, but you have to input your PC/Mac IP address manually.

The IP address is displayed in the My Connector menu.

Can any iPhone and iPad access the data on my PC/Mac?
No, authorization on the PC/Mac is required for each iPhone / iPad that has My Computer Data installed and tries to connect to the PC/Mac, except for the first device, which is authorized automatically. Data will only be available to authorized devices and only when My Connector is runnig.

What type of network connection does My Computer Data use?
My Computer Data uses a http connection between the iOS device and the PC/Mac on your local WiFi network. When you use My Computer Data to access the data on your computer the data is only transmitted on the local WiFi network.

Can I use My Computer Data for sensitive, private Data?
The current version of My Connector uses the http protocol without encryption for transmitting data. It is recommended to access sensitive data only in protected / secure networks.

Will My Computer Data work with anti virus applications?
We are not aware of any virus application that interferes with My Computer Data.