My Computer Data

for iPhone / iPod / iPad

Use your mobile device to access data on your PC / Mac.

My Computer Data let's you view various types of computer data from your iPhone / iPod / iPad while on the same WiFi network.

Data that is viewed with My Computer Data is automatically stored (cached) on your iOS device and can be viewed later on without requiring any network connection.

Available Data / Modules:

  • Desktop: Files on your desktop
  • Documents: Files in your documents folder
  • Browser: Access your bookmarks, including browser history

MyPoint PowerPoint Remote

Use your iPhone / iPod / iPad to remote control PowerPoint presentations on your PC / Mac.

MyPoint for iPhone / iPod touch allows you to remote control PowerPoint presentations on your PC.

It significantly improves the experience of a presentation for both the speaker and the audience:

  • The presenter and audience can face each other. The presenter doesn't need to turn around any more to see what slide is currently shown - a glimpse on his iPhone is sufficient.
  • The presenter has more choices on where to stand or move during the presentation, since he doesn't need the PC / laptop any more to trigger the transition to the next slide.
  • Important comments or notes on a slide won't be forgotten - the notes for the actual slide are visible to the speaker.
  • Smooth transitions to the next slide - the presenter can take a look at the preview of the next slides and knows already what comes next before the slide is shown.
  • Requests from the audience to go back to a certain slide can be fulfilled in an instant - the presenter can flip through the slides and pick the one that is requested.